Lasting Power of Attorney

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

We advise all our clients to consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney. It allows a smooth transfer of the management of your affairs to your attorney, if you become ill or lose mental capacity. You can choose any trustworthy person including children or close friends to assist you.

Without an LPA it can be difficult to ensure that your affairs are managed properly.

There are two different kinds of Lasting Power of Attorney:

A ‘Property and Affairs’ LPA
This allows your appointed attorneys to help you administer your finances and other property, and if you lose mental capacity they can make decisions on your behalf and for your benefit.

A ‘Health and Welfare’ LPA
This allows your attorneys to make decisions about your medical treatment and care, but only after you have lost mental capacity and only in accordance with restrictions and guidance which you stipulate in the document.

Advising Attorneys

Exercising powers under an LPA can sometimes involve difficult practical and legal issues, which can only be resolved with advice on the underlying statutory scheme. We can provide this advice to attorneys and those affected by their decisions.

Business Lasting Power of Attorney

A tailored ‘Property and Affairs’ LPA can be used allowing a trusted person to run your business if you become incapacitated.


Read our Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Guide

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