The only reason which we can think of why someone should not grant LPAs is that they cannot think of anyone suitable to act as the Attorney.  We have to agree that appointing someone who is not trustworthy or reliable can only make things worse.

Most people, however, will know of relatives, friends or in some cases professionals who can fill the role.

Do not put off making a decision.  We have seen many cases where things have been left until it is too late, and often then the only solution is the very expensive and restrictive one of applying for an Order from the Court of Protection.  The unfortunate truth is that it is not only progressive conditions such as Alzheimer’s which can deprive an individual of capacity: strokes, heart attacks and accidents may have similar consequences.

When we are involved the person creating the LPA is our client and we take them through every step explaining the consequences and the choices they can make within the process.

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