Commercial Property

Let us provide you with pragmatic legal advice and assistance in relation to your commercial property needs whether you are buying or selling or leasing commercial property. Whether a shop, an area of land or even leases for a block of flats we have experience to be able to help you.

Our commercial property services are wide-ranging and include:

  • Selling or buying freehold or leasehold property with or without a business.
  • Granting or taking a commercial lease whether initial grant or assignment
  • Property Legal work in relation to commercial premises e.g. shops, offices, and farms.
  • Licences and consents
  • Mortgaging of freehold or leasehold property.
  • Auction sales/purchases
  • Development work including site acquisition and leasing.
  • Granting or acquiring an option over property
  • Joint Venture agreements

Contact a Commercial Property lawyer to find out how we can work with you to provide cost-effective practical advice to help you.

Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the team!

We would like to introduce Steven Hearnden who has joined our property department. Steven has well over 30 years experience in legal practice and will be working along side Tracey Freeman, and John Glass. Welcome to the team Steven.  

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Congratulations to Tracey and Tracey, in our conveyancing department, on their work anniversaries! 35 and 20 years respectively!

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What does vacant possession mean?

Selling with ‘vacant possession’ means that there is no one entitled to occupy the property, and that the property is more or less empty of ‘goods and chattels’.    Clearly it is not giving vacant possession if a house is sold with a tenant in place, but sometimes...

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