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Tassells Solicitors is a client-focused law firm in Faversham, Kent. With over 200 years in business, we have a unique understanding of the local market and its needs.

Our approach is not only to explain the law, but also to provide clear and practical legal advice to our clients. Everything we do is crafted to a particular client’s needs, and our professional staff are passionate and committed problem-solvers offering a sympathetic and understanding approach to our private clients, and commercially focused and pragmatic advice to our business clients. Offering quality services for individuals, families and businesses, we have grown to become one of the most trusted firms in Kent.


Tassells Solicitors is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No: 69834

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During the current Covid 19 crisis many businesses will be closing their premises and some individuals will be temporarily giving up their usual place of residence.   In many instances other parties may be entitled to rely on such unoccupied premises as the correct...

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Property Auction

When purchasing properties at auction, it is very important to be aware of the time constraints. Particularly when obtaining a mortgage to fund the purchase. If the bid is successful, the usual time frame given to complete the transaction is 28 days. Therefore, advice...

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Tassells remains very much open for business and we will be continuing to offer our full range of services. However we will be taking some precautions to protect our clients and staff. We are in general discouraging people from attending the office, so please...

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Make it clear for the family.

Too many hours and too much distress arises out of an ill-considered Will or no Will at all.  Make a Will to make it clear. Add your details to Certainty when you make a Will so that your Executors can be sure they have the most recent one....

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Company Insolvency

Directors may think they are ‘off the hook’ if the company goes into administration. A decision of the High Court has emphasised that this is not the case.  A director took advantage of failings by the administrator to do deals with his company which benefited him and...

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Civil Partnership

As from December 2019, civil partnership became available to opposite sex couples. Those in a civil partnership benefit from the same rights as married couples in terms of tax benefits, pensions and inheritance. However, unlike a conventional marriage, there are no...

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