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Tassells Solicitors is a client-focused law firm in Faversham, Kent. With over 200 years in business, we have a unique understanding of the local market and its needs.

Our approach is not only to explain the law, but also to provide clear and practical legal advice to our clients. Everything we do is crafted to a particular client’s needs, and our professional staff are passionate and committed problem-solvers offering a sympathetic and understanding approach to our private clients, and commercially focused and pragmatic advice to our business clients. Offering quality services for individuals, families and businesses, we have grown to become one of the most trusted firms in Kent.


Tassells Solicitors is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No: 69834

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Had enough of experts?

Civil claims often require expert evidence to allow the court to understand the issues at stake. Take for example a construction dispute over a poorly built conservatory that now leaks when it rains. It may seem obvious to you that the builder was negligent. But the...

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With respect and without delay

It is a sad fact of arguments over estates that a subject of dispute may be the remains of the deceased. By long-established common law principle a body cannot be property - no one can have rights of ownership over it. So if there is disagreement over the method and...

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Beware of who you sell to

Most buyers are genuine and have no hidden agenda but be wary of online companies which advertise that they will buy any property quickly. Although the conveyancing process may seem to be running smoothly, these firms have a habit of getting to the point of exchange...

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How to get the best out of your litigation lawyer

If you find yourself involved in a dispute – over a will, with a neighbour over boundaries, or with tradespeople over poor work – you may wish to consult a solicitor but be put off by the costs involved or by the demands that taking action will place on your time and...

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Challenges to wills

In 2017 we wrote about the Ilott v Mitson case, where the Supreme Court upheld a claim against an estate brought by the long-estranged daughter of the deceased.  It was widely predicted that the number of such cases would increase, and this has come about.  Today came...

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Covid-19 Update

Ahead of the new requirements to wear face covering, we have made provisions to ensure that the safety of all visitors and staff can be maintained whilst still providing our services. As from 15th July 2020, we have asked all visitors to wear face covering when...

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