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Tassells Solicitors is a client-focused law firm in Faversham, Kent. With over 200 years in business, we have a unique understanding of the local market and its needs.

Our approach is not only to explain the law, but also to provide clear and practical legal advice to our clients. Everything we do is crafted to a particular client’s needs, and our professional staff are passionate and committed problem-solvers offering a sympathetic and understanding approach to our private clients, and commercially focused and pragmatic advice to our business clients. Offering quality services for individuals, families and businesses, we have grown to become one of the most trusted firms in Kent.


Tassells Solicitors is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No: 69834

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In an unusual case an Executor has been held in contempt of Court. It seems to have been a typical family situation with one of three siblings taking on the role of Executor. Unfortunately, he then proceeded to do nothing useful in the administration of the estate and...

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Lasting Powers of Attorney aren’t for everybody, but …

The only reason which we can think of why someone should not grant LPAs is that they cannot think of anyone suitable to act as the Attorney.  We have to agree that appointing someone who is not trustworthy or reliable can only make things worse. Most people, however,...

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Amended Housing Guidance amid Covid19

The Government has issued new guidance for sales and purchases of property to enable these to go ahead in line with social distancing requirements. The new guidance can be accessed on the Government website....

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Count on us

COVID-19 is not stopping Tassells offering its full range of services. The reason for this is that we have over many years invested in modern technology and office systems.  We are not going to claim that we are a "paperless” operation, but we are able to function...

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Grandparents’ Right of Access

Many grandparents are unsure of what right of access they have to their grandchildren. Unfortunately, grandparents do not have automatic right of access to their grandchildren the same way a parent has access to their children. However, the court recognises the...

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There is a rumour that we are moving, have moved or have closed. This is not true. The planning application and article published in today’s paper refers to a part of our property that we sold last year. We remain very much open for business at 20 West Street...

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