Help obtaining Grant of Probate

For some time we have been offering our clients a fixed fee for all the usual work carried out in obtaining a Grant of Probate* and the administration of the estate.

We understand that some Personal Representatives** wish to deal with most of the estate administration themselves, but would value assistance at the outset, to ensure that they obtain the necessary Grant quickly and efficiently.

For clients seeking Help obtaining Grant of Probate, but who wish to deal with the rest of the administration themselves, we offer a fixed fee of £750. This is available in cases where no Inheritance Tax is payable and only an abbreviated Inheritance Tax return is required.

Our fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.


*or a Grant of Letter of Administration in cases of intestacy
** the Executors, or the intended Administrators where the deceased died intestate


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It is a sad fact of arguments over estates that a subject of dispute may be the remains of the deceased. By long-established common law principle a body cannot be property - no one can have rights of ownership over it. So if there is disagreement over the method and...

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Probate Fees

We are pleased to confirm that the increased Probate Fees proposed by the government have now been dropped. The fees suggested were based on the value of the estate and could have caused serious problems for many individuals following the death of a loved one.  ...

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