Before I start I must stress that this blog is by no means ‘a moan’, just simply useful information (I hope).

As I am sure you are aware residential conveyancers across the country are struggling to cope with the flood of purchases due to the stamp duty ‘holiday’.

Many conveyancers, who are stressed and under constant pressure, have been working late nights and even weekends to meet the deadline and not let their clients down.

I think it is important to note that various elements control the speed of a move:

  • Delays of search results.
  • Delays in mortgage offers.
  • Problems in the chain.
  • Delays with third parties due to high volumes of work/calls.

All of these are outside the control of the conveyancer and therefore it is impossible to guarantee transactions will complete on time.

Rest assured that we are, and will continue to, do all we can to make your dream move go as smooth and as quickly as possible. It may seem at times that nothing much is happening and there is a lot of waiting around but this is just part of the process.

Please be patient with us we are doing our very best for you.