We can now register your Will with The National Will Register!

Why should I register my Will?

In a survey commissioned by The National Will Register, two thirds of children would not know
where to locate their parents’ Wills. The passage of time, house moves, and new relationships are
all contributing factors to this statistic.

Writing a Will and regularly reviewing it is one of the most important things you can do for your
loved ones. Therefore, ensuring that your family can find it when you have passed on is essential.
If a Will cannot be found after your death then your assets will be distributed in accordance with
the intestacy rules, not necessarily in the way you would have wished.
We hold your Will safely, but we record its location with The National Will Register so that
beneficiaries can always locate it when the time comes.

Contact us to Register your Will with The National Will Register: www.nationalwillregister.co.uk/