Statistics show that two-thirds of adults in England and Wales pass away each year without having made a valid Will. Some people do not make one, others don’t realise that some events in their life can revoke a Will they have already made. If an individual dies intestate their estate is governed by the intestacy rules. New intestacy rules governing the distribution of the deceased’s estate came into effect on 1st October 2014. As with any rules some people will benefit and some people will lose out. Having a valid Will in place allows the estate to be divided in accordance with your wishes. It is important that unmarried and cohabiting couples have a valid Will as they are not automatically entitled to a proportion of their partner’s estate. It is recommended that Wills are reviewed every few years.

Please contact us if you need to make a Will or wish to make amendments to an existing Will. We store original Wills free of charge for our existing clients.  We can also assist you with administration of an estate.