Family & Child Law and Relationship Matters

We advise separating couples both on practical and legal aspects of their situation, either as spouses, civil partners or co-habitees, and regarding both their children and their finances.

We give guidance on financial separation, deeds of agreement, the fairness of a proposal and assist the parties to reach an amicable conclusion. We are committed to the Resolution Code of Practice, and offer a Collaborative Law process to solve the couple’s differences.

Where necessary, we conduct court proceedings in line with the Code of Practice, both in planned proceedings and in emergency applications. We deal with divorce, separation, and arrangements for children.

Associated considerations are the need for financial advice on the rearrangements that separation bring. Wills need to be reconsidered, there will be tax implications and insurance should be considered before matters are finalised.  Bankruptcy may affect the “innocent” party in a way that may be quite unexpected and be seen as very unfair.

And for future planning, we advise on pre-nuptial agreements. For advice on each of these matters, please contact Ann Astbury.

Cohabitation: what you need to be aware of

Cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the United Kingdom. Since the late 90’s the number of cohabiting families has more than doubled. You would think that the law would be protecting these families in the same way as any married couple. That is not the...

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Parenting plan for separating couples

Separation is difficult, children add another dimension. It is rare to have enough time to deal with your own feelings when you have children to care for and consider. This responsibility can be helpful by giving you the courage to make decisions, or a hindrance to...

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