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Probate Court fees

March has been a busy month in government.  It may be this that has delayed a debate on the draft order increasing the court fee for applications for grants of probate. The order is still (as at 28th March 2019) draft.  The fees will not increase without notice, and...

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There are many reasons for a party to a dispute wanting their day in court: vindication, reparation, finality, to name but a few. But the number of civil cases brought to solicitors that end up in a trial is small, around one in 20 of those issued in court, and there...

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Private Client department vacancy

Our Private Client department currently has a fee earning vacancy coming on stream in March 2019, and we are inviting practitioners with relevant experience to contact us. Prospects are good, the firm is busy but friendly, with a high proportion of returning clients,...

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Separation Agreements

Arranging your finances is just one thing to consider when going through a divorce. It can be difficult to decide whether to separate from your partner or to go through the process of divorcing through the Courts. Either way the decision is not an easy one; as one...

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Public and Private Road

When buying a property, the local authority search will reveal whether the road the property is in is a public or private road. A public road means that the local authority maintain it through local taxation. A private road means that the road is owned either by the...

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Monday 22 October 2018

The office is closed today for essential maintenance. We will open as usual on Monday 22 October 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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