Ian became a member of Solicitors for the Elderly in November 2011 joining a group of legal professionals who specialise in providing legal services for older and vulnerable people, their families and carers.

Solicitors for the Elderly is an independent, national association whose members have a wealth of experience in this area of the law.
The association aims to improve the knowledge and service provided on a range of legal issues including tax planning, wills, enduring powers of attorney, long-term social and health care and other retirement issues.

Ian’s areas of work include wills, probate, trusts and power of attorney documents, which often involve the elderly and their families.

Ian joined Tassells in 2002 after a successful career in teaching before retraining as a solicitor. He comments: “I enjoy working with the elderly and I find that they treat their problems with great dignity and common sense. Elderly people are often treated poorly by those in authority. I try to be honest and fair in my dealings with the elderly and treat them with the respect that they deserve, but often do not get. Respect also means discussing difficult areas sensitively.

Ian’s membership of the SFE will reinforce Tassells’ reputation for delivering high quality legal advice in this area of law.

e-mail: ianwessels@tassells-solicitors.co.uk